The Director

Lisiane Cohen has a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Propaganda (PUCRS-1987), a specialist in Film Production (PUCRS-2000) and a master’s degree in Communication Sciences (Unisinos-2010). Currently, he is doing postgraduate studies in Psychoanalysis: practice and theory. She has been an undergraduate and graduate professor at Unisinos since 2003. She started her career in the late 1980s producing, writing and directing short films in Super-8. It was with these films that he won his first Kikitos awards in Gramado. More than 30 years have been dedicated to the production, script and direction of countless films, TV shows, series and web series. Among his most outstanding shorts are GOTA DE TEATRO (1987 – best documentary in Super-8 at the 1988 Gramado Festival) ACREDITEM! (1987 – best fiction in Super-8 at the 1988 Gramado Film Festival) HOJE TEM FELICIDADE (2005 – best short film in the short film in Sergipe in 2005 and several other awards at festivals and shows throughout Brazil. He was selected for Festivals and overseas exhibitions such as the New York Festival, and shown in countries such as France, Spain, Austria, Canada, USA, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland.) and PENALIDADE MÁXIMA (2007 – best direction and editing in the RBSTV Stories Award). In the 90s, for 4 years she lived in Rio de Janeiro where she worked as an actress in several theatrical shows. Back in Porto Alegre, he started to produce several programs at the RBSTV Specials Center. He founded the production company Margem Cinema Brasil in the early 2000s. She is a producer of renowned and award winning works such as A NOITE DO SENHOR LANARI, by Flávia Seligman, INTIMIDADE, by Camila Gonzatto (winner of several national and international awards); MIOPIA, by Muriel Paraboni (also winner of several national and international awards), AS AVENTURAS DO AVIÃO VERMELHO, by Frederico Pinto and José Maia (animated feature film shown all over the country and in numerous shows and festivals around the world). She is a show runner and director in the webseries (Branded Content) NASCIDOS PARA MEDICINA who ran for Cannes Lions 2017 in 3 categories. She is a show runner, screenwriter and director of the series LUA EM CÂNCER with 13 episodes of 26 min that is finished with an exhibition yet to be defined. She is a screenwriter and director of the web series O INFERNO DE MARINA, scheduled to launch in 2020. In 2019, she made LUA, a video clip of singer Daya Moraes, launched in February 2020. She is a Producer Executive of the documentary, feature film, ANDRIELE, by Elisa Pessoa, winner of Edital nº 5, by MINC, Documentary on Childhood and Youth, being contracted by BRDE.

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