The Film

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An accident killed Mariana a few years ago. After that, his family nucleus was never the same. Constâncio, Mariana’s husband, and their two daughters, Mara and Antônia, moved away. The obligations of adulthood, ambitions, the shock of loss, all contributed to the family’s distance. Constâncio remains in the same house in the interior. He is a retired professor at the local University. Antônia, the youngest daughter, is an actress in the capital. Live a life of financial ups and downs. She has a great relationship with her father, since she was little. He is proud of his master, his great friend. Mara, the eldest daughter, is one of the most respected economists in the country. As a young girl, she was shot and lost her leg movements. As a teenager, he was rebellious and sulky, and in time he became sarcastic and embittered with his family. When Antônia is present, she becomes the focus of her aggressions. As children, they had a complicity of envy. Today, the two sisters are unable to maintain a dialogue without exchanging offenses.

A possible turnaround in the case of Mariana’s death forced family members to get together. Mariana’s body must be exhumed at the request of the courts, and the family wants to be present at that moment. Antônia is the first to arrive at the old house. The reunion with the father is full of nostalgia and a lot of joy. To everyone’s surprise, Mara decided to stay at her father’s house. He did not like the service and accommodation at the hotel. Anselmo came with Mara. He’s your handyman, your right and left arms. He is deaf, but “listens” even to what Mara doesn’t say.

Mara makes a point of making this family reunion an unpleasant moment. The days are tense, full of fights and insults. Mara distributes barbs from the time she wakes up to the time she goes to sleep. Constâncio tries to ease the tension and improve the climate, since the expectation of exhumation is making everyone very nervous. After a pleasant family dinner in the presence of Demétrio, with whom Antonia goes out, she receives a desperate call from Constâncio, who warns that Mara cut her wrists.

Antonia runs home scared. Mara is bloody. Curses the father, who reacts little. What Mara says is more and more aggressive, and these are direct accusations to her father. Antônia, very irritated, cannot understand the situation. Mara accuses her father of abusing her as a child, and encourages Antonia to confront him. Weakened by the loss of blood, Mara is disarmed and managed to get her to the hospital.

But Antonia does not forget the accusations and looks for answers. He realizes the ambiguity with which the father deals with the subject: he neither denies nor confirms. Antonia confronts Constantius and discovers the truth. He confesses and does not show much guilt. He considers it a failure, but it is already forgotten because time has passed. For Antonia, the image of the loving father no longer exists.

This is the story of a family transformed by sexual violence, where trust, innocence, self-esteem, value for life and brotherly love have been lost. Little is left, perhaps nothing of value has remained … for All the love we left behind.